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Open Water to Divemaster

Who is this for:

This package is designed for the person who is not a certified diver that would like to be able to get a start in the industry.

Package Description:

Over the course of four to six months, you will learn to be a diving professional from the ground up. This package is designed to take a non-diver into the ranks of divemaster over the course of several months. During training, you will participate in Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue, CPR and First Aid and the Master Scuba Diver program followed by the Divemaster Course.  All classes will be conducted with emphasis on becoming a professional.

What does it cost:

$3995.95 + TAX
Required Materials (Included in price):

  • Open Water e Learning
  • Open Water Enrichment Pack, Tables
  • Advanced eLearning
  • Rescue eLearning
  • EFR eLearning
  • Deep eLearning
  • EO2 eLearning
  • SAR eLearning
  • Enriched Air eLearning
  • UW Navigator eLearning
  • Dive Theory Online
  • Divemaster eLearning and Crewpack

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